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Company Incorporation

The provided information outlines the key aspects of company incorporation in Malta. Here is a summary of the main points:


Legal Framework and Regulation:

Maltese Company Law is in conformity with EU directives.

The Companies Act of 1995 is the principal legislation covering companies and partnerships in Malta.

Maltese Shipping companies are regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) serves as the single regulator for financial services activities and houses the Companies Registry.


Company Formation Process:

The company formation process in Malta can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

The Malta Financial Services Authority is responsible for the country’s Companies Registry.


Advantages of Malta as a Company Domicile:

Malta, as an EU Member State, provides fully EU-compliant company structures.

Offers low effective tax rates.

Boasts an excellent professional services infrastructure.

Recognized as a well-regulated legal jurisdiction.


Corporate Form – Limited Liability Company:

The most commonly used corporate form in Malta is the limited liability company.

Formed by subscription to capital divided into shares.

Shareholders’ liability is limited to the unpaid amount on their shares.

Can be either a private or public company.


Share Capital Requirements:

Private company: Minimum share capital is approximately 1,200 euros, with 20% paid up.

Public company: Minimum share capital is approximately 47,000 euros, with 25% paid up.

Share capital can be denominated in any currency without exchange control restrictions.


Malta Company Registration:

Company formation requires the submission of a valid Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A), identification documents of subscribers, and proof of initial share capital payment.

The Registrar of Companies issues a certificate of registration.

Assistance is available for drafting M&A tailored to specific commercial requirements, and representatives can aid in the incorporation process.

If you have specific questions or need detailed information on any particular aspect, please feel free to contact us.

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