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SWIFT Assessment

Strengthen Your SWIFT Security: Leverage CSP Assessment Expertise with Contact Advisory & Kyte Global

 SWIFT’s interconnected financial network underpins global transactions. Ensuring compliance with their Customer Security Programme (CSP) and Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) is essential to minimize fraud risks, foster trust within the financial system, and uphold your organization’s reputation. At Contact Advisory Services, we’ve partnered with our sister company  Kyte Global ,  a registered CSP Assessor, to make this rigorous yet essential process achievable. Our team delivers meticulous CSP assessment, strategic guidance, and targeted recommendations to optimize your security posture, allowing you to focus on safeguarding your organization within the global financial ecosystem.


CSP: Why Compliance Is Imperative

Failing to comply with SWIFT’s CSP erodes more than just security; it has wider-reaching implications:

  • Operational Disruption: Loss of access to SWIFT networks due to non-compliance could result in critical operational delays or inability to facilitate timely transactions.
  • Financial Liabilities: Cyberattacks targeting vulnerabilities in your SWIFT environment and resulting in fraudulent activity can directly impact your bottom line.
  • Reputational Fallout: Lack of CSP adherence signals insufficient security to regulators, partners, and stakeholders, eroding trust in your organization.
  • Ecosystem Security: The SWIFT network thrives on interconnected trust. Non-compliant parties weaken overall security, posing collective financial risks.


SWIFT CSP Assessment with Contact Advisory & Kyte Global: Strategic Expertise

We simplify a complex process, focusing on actions that make meaningful security gains:

  • CSP Assessor Status: Kyte Global is a trusted, registered SWIFT CSP Assessor authorized to validate your compliance against evolving CSP standards.
  • Holistic Security Guidance: Our expertise extends beyond CSP checklists. We identify opportunities to bolster your overall security posture to improve cyber resilience.
  • Practical & Adaptable: We understand no two organizations are identical. Our assessment and remediation plans adapt to your resources, complexity, and risk tolerance.
  • Ongoing Support: Kyte Global remains available for follow-up assessments,support in addressing findings, and preparation for annual attestation obligations.


Kyte Global Delivers CSP Mastery for Confidence

Partnering with a specialized CSP assessor delivers critical insights and peace of mind:

  • SWIFT Network & Security: In-depth understanding of SWIFT technologies,protocols, and evolving cybersecurity considerations informs thorough assessments.
  • Deep Assessment Approach: We go beyond simple compliance reports. We uncover weaknesses adversaries might exploit to prioritize remediation efforts.
  • CSP and Beyond: Kyte Global’s expertise as PCI QSAs offers an advantage in addressing common weaknesses found in both compliance standards, preventing overlaps and enhancing your security strategy.


Why Choose Contact Advisory & Kyte Global for CSP:

  • Existing Relationships: With Contact Advisory Services, you have an established,trusted point of contact, enabling smoother integration of specialized support.
  • Malta’s Front-Runner: Kyte Global is the first Maltese organization registered as a CSP Assessor, reflecting commitment to emerging financial security needs.
  • Actionable Results: We are focused on clear recommendations that facilitate meaningful compliance efforts, not merely bureaucratic paperwork.


The Risks of ‘Self-Assessment’ for SWIFT CSP

While initially a simpler route, self-assessments create potential hurdles:

  • Overlooked or Understated Risks: Lack of external validation introduces bias,increasing the risk of unaddressed weaknesses later discovered by SWIFT or by malicious actors.
  • Increased Scrutiny: Self-attestations often trigger closer inspection, raising the risk of penalties or loss of SWIFT access in the long run.


Take Control of Your SWIFT Security Landscape

Your commitment to CSP demonstrates your dedication to financial ecosystem integrity and secure transactions. Allow us to support you by providing the required independent assessment for full CSP compliance.


Get in touch with Contact Advisory Services to strengthen your SWIFT environment and protect your reputation.

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