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PSD2 Compliance

Navigate PSD2 Requirements with Confidence: Achieve Compliant Success with Contact Advisory and Kyte Global

 The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) transformed the European payments landscape, enhancing consumer protection and facilitating innovation. Ensuring your operations align with this complex regulation, both in principle and in practice, is crucial to avoiding costly penalties, building consumer trust, and maintaining growth within European markets. At Contact Advisory Services, in partnership with Kyte Global, we provide strategic compliance support and thorough technical assurance. We ensure your payment platforms and security models meet PSD2 mandates, empowering you to seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving payment industry.


The Critical Impact of PSD2 Compliance

PSD2 adherence ensures more than just meeting legal requirements. It has far-reaching implications:

  • Market Trust & Participation: Customers demand transparency and security in payment flows. Compliance builds trust and protects your ability to participate in the EEA’s extensive markets.
  • Operational and Financial Risks: Gaps in security or authentication protocols risk non-compliance penalties and potential misuse of customer financial data with associated fines.
  • Operational Agility: PSD2 requires a secure, well-structured IT environment.Achieving this promotes innovation and adaptability as third-party integrations and payment services expand.
  • Reputation and Competitiveness: Demonstrating adherence to rigorous standards is a powerful statement about integrity within the dynamic payment services space.


PSD2 Compliance Expertise: Contact Advisory Services & Kyte Global Partnership

Our approach aligns business and regulatory goals for long-term, reliable compliance:

  • Navigating Complexity: PSD2 requirements span security, operational controls,customer engagement, and data protection. We untangle regulations and deliver practical implementation plans.
  • Technical Assessment: With a focus on secure systems, Kyte Global verifies robust authentication protocols, ensuring alignment to PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication principles.
  • IT Control Guidance: Our team reviews IT-related controls to identify compliance gaps, prioritize remediations, and strengthen operational risk management.
  • Ongoing Support: Evolving PSD2 landscapes demand continuous refinement.Kyte Global provides ongoing advisory and monitoring services for consistent compliance readiness.


Kyte Global and PSD2: Assurance Beyond Checklists

We delve deeper to achieve compliance that benefits your organization:

  • Security Specialists: Kyte Global’s experienced cybersecurity professionals scrutinize existing technology platforms for potential vulnerabilities to bolster secure customer relationships.
  • Threat Awareness: We assess organizational knowledge of recent trends,threats, and scams related to payment industry, enabling proactive protection.
  • Third-Party Integrations: As PSD2 encourages fintech collaboration, we assist in thorough due diligence assessments of external vendors’ security and compliance practices.


Why Choose Our Team for PSD2 Success

  • Industry & Regulatory Knowledge: We leverage our understanding of finance,e-commerce, and data protection regulations for comprehensive analysis of your operations.
  • Trusted Collaboration: Building on established relationships with your Contact Advisory contacts fosters efficiency and reduces redundancy.
  • Focus on Action: We prioritize recommendations for clear steps, translating regulatory language into effective operational changes.


PSD2 Compliance Shouldn’t Be a Roadblock

Embrace PSD2 as an opportunity to create a more secure and user-centric payment environment. Our team’s goal is to ensure compliance becomes a driver of efficiency and a competitive edge within the dynamic European payments sphere.

Get in touch with Contact Advisory Services to commence your PSD2 compliance journey – protect your business, customers, and your long-term success.


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