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Company Redomiciliation

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Company Redomiciliation

The provided information outlines the process and conditions for redomiciling a foreign company to Malta. Here is a summary of the key points:

Re-domiciliation Process:

  • The re-domiciliation of companies registered in foreign jurisdictions to Malta became possible through changes made in the Maltese Companies Act 1995 in 2002.
  • Companies can transfer their operations to Malta without the need to liquidate the foreign company and register a new one in Malta.
  • The move does not create a new legal entity but shifts the original entity from one legal jurisdiction to another.

Effects of Re-domiciliation:

  • The original legal entity retains all its assets, rights, obligations, and liabilities from its original country of registration.
  • Legal proceedings initiated by or against the company are not affected by the move.
  • Company officers remain subject to existing obligations, judgments, convictions, rulings, orders, debts, or liabilities.

Non-Permissible Registration:

  • Applications for re-domiciliation to Malta will not be entertained if they originate from companies that are:
  • In dissolution or being wound up.
  • Subject to insolvency proceedings, arrangements, compositions, recovery, or similar proceedings.
  • Under the appointment of a liquidator, special administrator, or receiver.
  • Subject to a scheme or order suspending or restricting creditors’ rights.
  • Facing proceedings for breach of any law in the country of its original incorporation.

Contact Information:

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the relevant authorities for further details and information on how to redomicile their foreign company to Malta and benefit from the Maltese tax system.

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