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Planning to open a company in Malta? Make sure you do so with minimum effort and hassle. Contact Advisory Services can handle all the paper work that goes hand-in-hand with setting up a business here. We can assist you in opening bank accounts; complying with VAT, income tax, social services, Payroll, residency assistance and employment regulations; offering you registered and/or operational offices. We can also provide directorship and company secretary services if required.
Investment Services
Feeling overwhelmed by navigating the complexities of corporate and fund structures, offering memorandums, MFSA authorization, and keeping up with ever-changing regulations? You're not alone. That's where Contact Advisory Services Ltd. steps in. We are your one-stop shop for regulatory expertise, guiding you through every step with unwavering support. From crafting the perfect corporate or fund structure to securing MFSA approval with ease, we ensure your business operates efficiently and compliantly. Need a compelling offering memorandum that attracts investors? We handle it. Worried about staying ahead of evolving regulations? Our ongoing support keeps you informed and compliant. Ready to expand into new markets? Our passporting assistance unlocks doors with confidence. With Contact Advisory Services Ltd. by your side, you can navigate the complexities, seize the opportunities, and achieve your business goals with complete peace of mind. Contact us today and unlock your full potential.
Intellectual property
At Contact Advisory Services Ltd., we understand the immense value of protecting your ideas and creations. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of intellectual property services designed to give you complete control and peace of mind. Unleash the Power of Patents: Transform your inventive genius into valuable assets with our seamless patent registration process. Our team of experts guides you through every step, ensuring your creations receive the robust protection they deserve. Carve Your Brand Identity: Establish a unique and recognizable brand with our trademark registration services. We navigate the complexities of securing trademark rights, empowering you to stand out in the marketplace and prevent copycats. More Than Just Protection: We go beyond simply securing registration. We offer strategic advice and ongoing support, helping you leverage your intellectual property to its full potential and maximize your competitive advantage.
Regulatory Compliance
Through reputable partners, Contact Advisory Services is in a position to assist in obtaining Legal Advice on a variety of subjects spanning different industries.  Company Law Gaming Regulations & related laws Tax Data Protection Intellectual Property, Civil Law, Drafting and negotiating contracts
Remote Gaming
Contact Advisory Services brings together the most experienced professionals within the local remote gaming industry, and the quality and service that we offer is unparalleled. Our vast portfolio of past and ongoing clients is testament to our reputation as leaders in this field. Furthermore, our affiliate fir, is accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority to carry out on its behalf Compliance Audits and System Audit as part of the final stages of the licensing process and is therefore in a strong position to implement exactly what is required when obtaining a gaming license.We have also built a network of contacts and, for those services outside our core competencies, can assist you in selecting the right partners to benefit your business.
Financial Institutions Licensing
Malta’s increasing popularity within the financial services sector, makes this industry one of the main leaders of the Maltese economy. Being a reputable jurisdiction with a sound legislative framework, Malta offers an attractive opportunity to those interested in carrying on business within this sphere. We provide assistance in structuring and setting up the required corporate entities as well as throughout every step of the licensing process of financial institutions and investment services companies. In this respect, we can assist in the compilation and filing of the relevant applications and in representing our clients before the competent authorities.Our knowledge of the banking industry as well as our experience working on numerous consulting and certification projects in regulated markets, enables us to understand the environment in question and to develop the neccessary procedures for companies wishing to obtain a Financial Institution license.
Ship & Yacht Registration
Malta has a long and varied maritime tradition due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean region, establishing the island as a leading maritime hub and service centre. Maltese authorities have developed a competitive legal and regulatory platform, placing Malta as a highly reputable international shipping register, with its register being one of the largest in the world.The Merchant Shipping Act, Chapter 234 of the Laws of Malta, and subsequent rules and regulations, regulate vessel registration and the operation of Maltese flagged vessels.
Malta’s history as a destination for film production goes back 92 years, during which our islands have played host to some of the most high-profile productions to shoot out of Hollywood. Gladiator (2000), Munich (2005), Assassin’s Creed (2016) and most recently Murder on the Orient Express (2017) have all come to the Maltese Islands for various scenic location shoots. The Malta Film Commission was set up in 2000 with the dual aim of supporting the local filmmaking community, while at the same time strengthening the film servicing sector. Over the past 17 years, the Film Commission’s efforts to support the local film industry resulted in various financing incentives, including a financing incentive programme in 2005, the successful Malta Film Fund in 2008, and a Co-Production fund in 2014.Since2013, the implementation of new strategy has led to an unprecedented growth in the local industry, with over 50 productions filmed in Malta resulting in more than €200 million in foreign direct investment being injected into Malta’s economy. Contact Advisory Services can assist you through the whole process of setting up a company and commencing with film production in Malta.
Our extensive knowledge of information systems and accounting allows Contact Advisory Services to provide both administrative and management services to your company allowing you to focus your resources on your core operation. We provide the full services required for the day-to-day running of your business, including: payroll, accounting, filing of regulatory forms and reports, Malta Gaming Authority periodical reporting and prepare the financial statements which are then audited. Additionally, we can assist by training your new recruits should you decide to set up an in-house, back office operation. Our personnel are fully qualified and trained in their respective fields.
Contact Advisory Services can help to protect the confidentiality of the identity of shareholders setting up a company in Malta. These services are often provided to international clients whose shares can be held by a licensed fiduciary, thus protecting the identity of those behind a particular business venture. Our assistance is provided through licensed intermediaries, ensuring adherence to strict regulations.
Today's Management have to operate in complex technical and regulatory environments. They need to focus on running and growing the business. Management can obtain assurances by contracting external expertise so that weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be identified before its too late.
Contact Advisory Services offers objective, independent and unbiased advisory services to top management with regards to the levels of control at an operational level. After examining the way your business is working, we can identify risks and recommend viable solutions.
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