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Information Security Review

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Information Security Review

Unmatched Cyber Resilience: Partner with Contact Advisory Services and Kyte Global for Expert Security Testing

Cybersecurity isn’t optional – it’s the cornerstone of thriving in the digital world. Build-up and consolidate your defenses and protect your data, reputation, and bottom line with a robust testing approach. At Contact Advisory Services, through our specialist sister organization Kyte Global, we offer unmatched testing solutions, customized to your unique business risks. Our specialists uncover vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation, and ensure continuous proactive defense safeguarding your operations.

 Testing Expertise

Contact Advisory Services leverages Kyte Global’s specialized resources for robust testing:

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Rapidly detect system weaknesses through automated scans, enabling fast responses for patch management and prioritization.
  • Attack and Penetration Testing (Pentesting): Our ethical hacking experts simulate attacks to discover deeper vulnerabilities. Options include:
    • Black Box & White Box: Uncover risks regardless of prior knowledge.
    • Internal & External: Pinpoint both perimeter and internal weaknesses.
    • Social Engineering: Test employees’ vulnerability to targeted attacks.
  • Web Application Testing: Protect against logic-based flaws in web applications, preventing costly unauthorized access and data exposure.
  • Web Application Scanning: Automated tool identifies common web application vulnerabilities, empowering developers to quickly deploy fixes.
  • Specialized Testing: Options include:
    • Wi-Fi Testing: Verify secure wireless network protocols
    • Code Reviews: Detect potential security issues in code.
    • Denial of Service (DoS) Simulations: Understand risk tolerance to downtime


Benefits of Enhanced Security with Contact Advisory Services & Kyte Global

Proactive testing delivers strategic advantages for your business continuity and success:

  • Safeguard Critical Assets: Secure data, operations, and financial transactions, maintaining client and investor trust in your organization.
  • Maximize Returns and Agility: Reduce potential for disruptions due to breaches, improving productivity and focus on growth initiatives.
  • Compliance Confidence: Demonstrate cybersecurity prowess for industry-relevant regulations (e.g., data protection, finance), avoiding penalties.
  • Strategic Prioritization: Guided by detailed test reports, optimize and tailor defensive spending aligned with actual risk levels.
  • Proactive, Integrated Security Approach: Foster a strong cybersecurity mindset by incorporating regular scans and penetration testing into routine IT operations.


Partnering for the Full Advantage: Contact Advisory & Kyte Global

We leverage your existing relationship with Contact Advisory Services to deliver integrated solutions:

  • Trusted, Collaborative Environment: Your current business advisors serve as your familiar points of contact coordinating our comprehensive security services.
  • Understanding Your Ecosystem: Leveraging deep knowledge of your business to prioritize security testing based on critical systems and assets.
  • Actionable, Business-Oriented Reports: Clear, non-technical findings are provided to Contact Advisory Services for interpretation and integration into broader risk management strategies for your organization.
  • Ongoing Security Awareness: Our collaborative team empowers your staff with insights to identify emerging threats early and enhance security best practices.


Elevate Your Security Posture Today

Cybersecurity threats continuously evolve. Proactive testing is a smart investment that safeguards your success, strengthens your reputation, and fosters lasting confidence.

Leverage the power of Contact Advisory Services and Kyte Global – contact us to arrange a tailored security assessment tailored to your unique requirements.

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