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Employee Share Option Schemes

Unlock Growth and Reward Key Talent: Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS)
In a competitive talent market, savvy businesses in Malta understand the need to go beyond salaries to attract and retain top employees. Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS) offer a powerful way to align employees’ interests with the company’s long-term success, promote a sense of ownership, and drive growth. At Contact Advisory Services Ltd. (CAS Ltd.), our deep knowledge of Maltese regulations and our expertise in share scheme design helps you implement ESOS strategies that achieve maximum benefit for both your business and your valued workforce.

ESOS Explained: Enhancing Your Employee Value Proposition
An Employee Share Option Scheme grants employees the right to purchase a specific number of company shares at a predetermined price (the ‘exercise price’) at a future date. If the company performs well and share value increases, employees potentially stand to profit significantly. For employers, ESOS offer compelling advantages:

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: Offering participation in an ESOS can position your company as an employer of choice, allowing you to compete for the best employees and motivate them to stay long-term.
  • Align Employee Goals with Company Performance: When employees directly benefit from the company’s growth, they become more invested in its success,boosting productivity and encouraging an ownership mindset.
  • Tax Advantages: In Malta, there may be specific tax benefits available to both the company and employees participating under approved ESOS structures.
  • Improved Long-Term Focus: With their financial future tied to the company,employees are naturally more incentivized to think strategically and make decisions that drive long-term value.

Seamless ESOS Implementation and Administration
Designing and managing an ESOS can be complex, requiring knowledge of Maltese regulations and meticulous administrative capabilities. CAS Ltd. simplifies the process for you:

  • Scheme Design: We work with you to develop an ESOS tailored to your business goals, industry, and workforce composition. Our team advises on eligibility criteria,share allocations, vesting periods, and exercise conditions to maximize the scheme’s impact.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our MFSA-backed expertise ensures your ESOS fully complies with Malta’s legal and tax requirements, protecting your interests and those of your employees.
  • Plan Administration: We can handle ongoing ESOS administration, including record-keeping, communication with employees, and the smooth execution of option exercises.
  • Employee Education: Clear communication is key to ESOS success. We help you develop easily understandable plan summaries and educational materials to ensure your employees fully grasp the value and mechanics of the scheme.


Transform Your Talent Strategy with CAS Ltd.
Partnering with CAS Ltd. for your Employee Share Option Scheme needs offers valuable advantages:

  • Peace of Mind: Eliminate the administrative burden and potential compliance risks by leveraging our expertise in ESOS implementation and management.
  • Proven Solutions: Benefit from our knowledge of Maltese regulations and industry best practices for designing highly effective share schemes.
  • Cost-Effective Approach: Save time and resources by outsourcing ESOS design and administration to our specialist team.

Start Rewarding Employees as Owners
Investing in an ESOS sends a powerful message to your employees – “your success is our success.” Get in touch with  Contact Advisory Services Ltd. today to learn how an Employee Share Option Scheme can create new opportunities for both your business and your valued team.

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