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Key Official Services

Contact Advisory Services draws on its vast pool of experienced personnel already approved by the Malta Gaming Authority to fulfil the role of Key Officials. These Key Officials, as custodians of the license, are obliged to carry out an array of duties, including: gaming system monitoring, data protection, the submission of monthly reports, timely payment of gaming taxes and annual license fees.

Contact Advisory Services can provide full support to these Key Officials thereby ensuring that the client is not just getting a key official and director, but an individual backed by the support of experts in the field, especially in areas of compliance.

Key Official and Directorship duties and responsibilites are extensive and therefore require that the individual is up to date with the latest statutory, regulatory and procedural requirements. On their own this is very often not feasible or possible. Consequently, the backing by persons who can keep them informed and up to date is essential and its importance not overlooked. If the Director benefits then the company also benefits directly as it will always remain compliant in an regulatory environment that is getting more and more complex by the day.