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31 May, 2017
Malta Business Review - Interview with Trevor Axiak
Trevor Axiak discusses Malta's iGaming Excellence Awards 2017, the importance of providing a quality service and focusing on people; the secret that won Contact Advisory the title of Best Corporate & Legal Services Provider.   I sit down with Contact Advisory Services Director Trevor Axiak, who has made quality his crusade. Trevor tells us how the Company depends entirely on its people, the quality of its people and their knowledge and expertise....  Read More
8 May, 2017
iGaming Excellence Awards 2017
Contact Advisory Services Ltd wins the award of Best Corporate and Legal Services Provider. Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards have been created as one of the original and most comprehensive awards events for the iGaming industry. Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards [MiGEA] are held annually in Malta and have already been likened to “the Oscars of gaming”. The awards event brings the entire industry together to reward and celebrate the...  Read More
17 July, 2015
Managing Risk
Q - Could you give us a brief overview of Kyte and your key services?   We provide assurance and risk management services and cater to financial institutions and e-commerce, but around 90% of our clients are from the gaming industry. We identify areas of risk for companies, and I am quite proud of having been the first individual – while working with Deloitte – to be accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to carry out audits on their...  Read More
2 May, 2014
Remote Gaming related risks
As the remote gaming industry continues to develop and mature so too does the understanding of the complexities involved in running an online gaming operation and the various models adopted and new ones developing. New products are also being researched and developed as competitors try to gain a competitive advantage. New payment systems are devised to better accommodate players and operators. Regulators struggle to keep pace with the industry. And with all this come new...  Read More
2 January, 2014
Poker Networks - The future of poker and poker networks
Online Poker was originally introduced in the mid 1990’s and saw steady growth with an upsurge in popularity between 2009 -2011 as new markets developed. However, the past few years have seen the growth in the popularity of online poker level off whilst in a number of markets a considerable decrease in activity is being registered. Maltese poker licenses have also seen a considerable drop in numbers.   When the USA enacted the Unlawful Internet...  Read More
5 October, 2013
European Parliament adopts Online Gambling Resolution
European Parliament adopts Online Gambling Resolution   1.      Why is this resolution of interest to Kyte Consultants?    Kyte’s focus and expertise is in remote gaming. Any resolution that would damage the local gaming industry would have a negative affect on a number of companies whose main customers form part of the industry. Kyte would survive, however, it would have to downsize, as would a number of other...  Read More

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