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23 July, 2015
Scoping the Cardholder Data Environment
PCI DSS has been around for some time now but till this day there still seems to be a general lack of appreciation of what PCI DSS aims to achieve. PCI DSS is an information security standard, but one which unlike other standards like ISO27001, is very specific in its objectives. PCI DSS is a standard designed to provide a minimum benchmark of controls in protecting credit card data. The twelve requirements are intended to touch, in some way or another, on all those risks...  Read More
20 December, 2013
Limiting the scope reduces the complexity
Very often we find that companies are somewhat lost when they find out they have to comply with PCI. Compliance is by no means a trivial effort. Trevor Axiak, Director at Kyte Consultants Limited explains that experience shows us that usually all it takes is a little push in the right direction and someone to provide guidance through the process. In this interview Mr. Axiak maintains that customers know their business much better than we do, so in many cases our role is...  Read More
24 May, 2013
Protecting Whilst Sharing - Is it Possible?
Understanding Data   What data is and how it is captured and created is essential to understanding an asset before one can design the required protection for it. Data is captured and created in various ways and at various points in a network. Today data is captured through data input, scanning, photos, electronic documents received by email and other facilities available online for larger files, on smartphones and tablets too. Data can be processed to...  Read More
12 May, 2013
PCI DSS Compliance awareness on the rise
In the last 12 months, Kyte Consultants , a firm specializing in PCI DSS compliance and certification, has seen a rapid increase in the number of companies wanting to become compliant and in general taking compliance, as a process, on board. PCI DSS is a standard developed by the major card brands and is intended to set a baseline in terms of the minimum controls to be in place to secure credit card data. Complying with PCI DSS standard is mandatory for all...  Read More
16 January, 2012
Information Security and Gaming Companies
We have all  seen the media reports about the recent security incidents involving large organizations, including gaming operators. This has caused a lot of concern not only for those parties directly or indirectly affected by the incident, but also for the general community who feel that such incidents have been given much less attention than they should have. One cannot but wonder how many such incidents never go public or worse still, never get detected....  Read More
27 January, 2011
The Implications of handling Credit Card Data
Credit card fraud has always been a major cause for concern for the Card Brands (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc); with fraud figures running into billions per annum who can blame them!! Credit card details are stolen from credit card holders in all sorts of situations; at restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, etc. However, when a database full of credit card data is stolen, then it becomes a real issue as the numbers immediately run into thousands. With...  Read More

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