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23 July, 2015
Scoping the Cardholder Data Environment
PCI DSS has been around for some time now but till this day there still seems to be a general lack of appreciation of what PCI DSS aims to achieve. PCI DSS is an information security standard, but one which unlike other standards like ISO27001, is very specific in its objectives. PCI DSS is a standard designed to provide a minimum benchmark of controls in protecting credit card data. The twelve requirements are intended to touch, in some way or another, on all those risks...  Read More
17 July, 2015
Managing Risk
Q - Could you give us a brief overview of Kyte and your key services?   We provide assurance and risk management services and cater to financial institutions and e-commerce, but around 90% of our clients are from the gaming industry. We identify areas of risk for companies, and I am quite proud of having been the first individual – while working with Deloitte – to be accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to carry out audits on their...  Read More
21 April, 2015
Complicated Operating Environments
We use the plural in the title simply because today the remote gaming operator has to comply with, not only one regulatory regime, but various ones, especially where they hold other National licenses. Compliance with various laws and regulations in the countries where they operate is essential to ensure that the operator protects one of its main assets, the license. Operators are also required to comply with various standards such as ISO:27001 and/or PCI DSS. Certain...  Read More

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