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2 May, 2014
Remote Gaming related risks
As the remote gaming industry continues to develop and mature so too does the understanding of the complexities involved in running an online gaming operation and the various models adopted and new ones developing. New products are also being researched and developed as competitors try to gain a competitive advantage. New payment systems are devised to better accommodate players and operators. Regulators struggle to keep pace with the industry. And with all this come new...  Read More
2 January, 2014
The impact of the 4th AML directive on the Maltese Remote Gaming Industry
The online gaming industry faces multiple challenges in the conduct of its business and is often regarded as being high risk, with money laundering often cited as being one of the risks. This assessment is based on the fact that it is primarily a non-face-to-face business offering a high degree of customer anonymity and seen as a potential vehicle for money laundering.   On the 5th February 2013, the European Commission published a draft version of the...  Read More
2 January, 2014
Poker Networks - The future of poker and poker networks
Online Poker was originally introduced in the mid 1990’s and saw steady growth with an upsurge in popularity between 2009 -2011 as new markets developed. However, the past few years have seen the growth in the popularity of online poker level off whilst in a number of markets a considerable decrease in activity is being registered. Maltese poker licenses have also seen a considerable drop in numbers.   When the USA enacted the Unlawful Internet...  Read More

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