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Malta company formation

Incorporating a Malta company

With EU membership, a highly competitive tax regime, numerous Double Taxation Agreements an English-speaking and highly-educated workforce, and a stable economy, Malta has become one of the first choices for businesses to register their company. 
As a licensed company services provider, we specialise in malta company formation, and incorporates a dedicated company services team to assist in company formation, company administration, and company accounting.  

Company types and company names

Under Maltese law there are two kinds of companies:

•    Private Limited Liability Company (name ending with “Ltd.” or “Limited”;
•    Public Limited Liability Company (name ending with “P.l.c”)

Malta company formation – Process and Requirements 

The process of company incorporation requires the drafting of its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which must be signed by all the shareholders, and registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (the MFSA). Once these Memorandum and Articles of Association are registered with the MFSA a certificate of registration will be issued to the company. The information required to commence forming a company include the following:
•    Company name 
•    The type of company (whether private or public) 
•    The registered office of the company in Malta 
•    The purpose for which the company is to be incorporated
•    Information on the authorised, issued, and paid up share capital
•    Particulars of the director(s) of the company 
•    Particulars of the company secretary of the company 
•    Particulars and official identification of the shareholders

Malta company formation - Shareholders and Share Capital

For a company formation to be successful, limited liability companies in Malta must have at least one shareholder. This shareholder may be an individual or a corporate body. Each company must have a minimum share capital of 1,165 euro, and at least 20% of the amount must be deposited upon company formation.
As company service providers, Contact Advisory Services have partnered with well-established and licensed entities that can offer holding shares and fiduciary services. 

Set up costs

Company Formation fees have to be paid to the Registrar of Companies upon incorporation of the company. At the moment, these expenses are ranging between a minimum of €300.00 to a maximum of €2,300.00, varying on the amount of the Authorised Share Capital. A minimum annual fee of €100.00 has to be deposited alongside the submission of the Annual Return. This is typically managed through our offered secretarial, directorship, accounting and back-office services.

Maltese Company Formation – Malta Registered Office

Companies formed in Malta must have a registered office address in Malta. We offer registered office services to companies registered in Malta.

Company directors

Companies in Malta must have at least one director, although this director does not need to be Maltese. We offer director services to companies registered in Malta. 

Company secretary

Companies in Malta must have at least one company secretary, although the company secretary does not need to be Maltese. We offer company secretary services to companies registered in Malta.

Accounting and Auditing Requirements

Companies registered in Malta must keep appropriate accounting records and submit audited financial statements at the close of each financial year. We offer full accounting and payroll services, and can provide assistance during the auditing of financial statements by third party auditors.  

Forming a company in Malta – Time Frame

The time required to complete a company registration in Malta is subject to the type of company involved and on the proper submission of all information. In such cases, the process of company formation can be completed in 48 hours. 

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