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Malta Business Review - Interview with Trevor Axiak

Trevor Axiak discusses Malta's iGaming Excellence Awards 2017, the importance of providing a quality service and focusing on people; the secret that won Contact Advisory the title of Best Corporate & Legal Services Provider.


I sit down with Contact Advisory Services Director Trevor Axiak, who has made quality his crusade. Trevor tells us how the Company depends entirely on its people, the quality of its people and their knowledge and expertise.


MBR: What sets you apart from competition as Malta's Best Corporate & Legal Services Provider of the Year?

TA: We always try to keep ourselves ahead of the competition by paying attention in five key areas that we firmly believe make a difference:

Industry Expertise: Contact Advisory Services is a specialist consulting firm and corporate services provider in remote gaming. The directors as well as some of our consultants have been working in the industry from the very beginning. As we said in the interview we had during the awards ceremony, we are focused on gaming and hence our consultants are not just consultants but gaming consultants, our accountants gaming accountants and so on. We know the industry and by now the industry knows us as well.

Consulting: We take a big picture approach to clients’ needs and goals. We recognise proactivity is fundamental aspect in consulting. We always make sure to provide the customer with a solution that addresses all his requirements rather than serving him in one area and leaving him to fend for himself in another.

Accountability: We believe that we have to deliver what we promise. We implement processes and systems that maximize the benefits of the client. We work with clearly defined metrics, providing regular reporting and analysis.

Value: Our service is one of quality but at the same time our pricing is fair. A good service does not have to come at an exorbitant price.

Passion: We take our business personally. We treat our clients as people, not numbers and take great pride in representing them.

MBR: What is the key to success of Contact Advisory and what has made the Company work so well in such a competitive high-powered environment?

TA: There are no secret formulas when it comes to succeeding in a competitive environment. It takes determination and lots of hard work. We are well aware that as a service provider our product is our services. In other words, our product is our people. Our service has to be our main selling point. We focus on quality in everything we do and this philosophy is passed on to all employees. Customers appreciate this and testament to this is the fact that not only do we manage to retain customers but those same customers go on to recommend our services to others. In this industry, people tend to move from one operator to another. It is of great satisfaction when you get clients that have moved to a different operator but still choose to continue working with you.

MBR: Should more be done to raise the awareness of how critical gaming culture and structures are to the economy?

TA: We think everyone has come to realize how important the industry is for Malta’s economy. The problem is that too many suppliers are raising prices as remote gaming is seen to be a high paying, cash rich industry. This may be so, however, if we push prices up too high then we could lose some of the attractiveness and also alienate the Maltese from the industry, especially the property sector, as prices are pushed up and become unaffordable for the locals. The awareness should now be focused to ensure that we do not over-price ourselves and scare operators away. We need to build on what we have and also retain what we have achieved. But we must not try and get rich quick off the industry. In the long term the wrong attitude can come back to haunt us.

MBR: Can you give us your feedback on the organisation of MiGEA and how you will remember the night of Friday 5th May, 2017?

TA: We would like to thank and congratulate MBR Publications for making this endeavour happen. MiGEA has been created as one of most comprehensive awards events for the iGaming industry with some big names participating in it. We believe that everything lived up to our expectations and the expectations of the other participants as well. The event organisers did a fantastic job in conceptualizing and delivering such a difficult undertaking. We are honoured to have been awarded the “Best Corporate and Legal Services Provider” of the year and we commit to continue providing our clientele the best service possible in the future.

Link: Malta Business Review - Special Feature Malta iGaming Excellence Awards 2017

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