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27 January, 2011
The Implications of handling Credit Card Data
Credit card fraud has always been a major cause for concern for the Card Brands (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc); with fraud figures running into billions per annum who can blame them!! Credit card details are stolen from credit card holders in all sorts of situations; at restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, etc. However, when a database full of credit card data is stolen, then it becomes a real issue as the numbers immediately run into thousands. With...  Read More
26 January, 2011
The challenges in obtaining a remote gaming license in Malta
Malta has fast become one of the most successful jurisdictions in the remote gaming industry. Being the first EU country to have specific regulations to govern the industry has led to numerous operators deciding to set up shop in Malta. In a way, Malta has also become a victim of its own success. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) have been struggling to cope with the new license applications as well as servicing existing operators with matters such as approving...  Read More
22 January, 2011
Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Funding of Terrorism
In a nutshell, it’s the process of turning dirty money, normally cash, into clean money so that the owners can live respectfully with no connection to the crimes.   Does AML/CFT relate to the remote gaming industry?   Maltese licensed operators are required to implement anti-money laundering procedures. This is stipulated in regulation 8 (g) of the Remote Gaming Regulations (LN176 of 2004)   Is there a real risk of...  Read More
12 January, 2011
Remote casinos - risk based approach
Remote gambling over the internet began in the late 1990's. As the internet has become more sophisticated and increased its market penetration, the remote gambling industry has also diversified and expanded. Although the internet is, of course, available internationally, some countries have sought to criminalise the supply, use, or support, of gambling by remote means (including internet, telephone or other means of electronic communication) for players and/or...  Read More

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